Hilltop Action Coalition

Here is exciting news that we are doing on Hilltop. We have a new board, new office and great ideas going on.


Come and Get Involved in Your Hilltop Community

As 2014 comes to a close, we have many exciting changes going on in our organization.

We have a new office located at: 1116 Earnest S Brazill St Tacoma WA 98405. Office hours are Monday thru Wednesday 10:00 AM -5:00 PM.

Phone number:(253) 590-8747

We have a new board:

Bradley Killian, President

Mae Harris, Vice President

Aaron Wilson, Treasurer

Elizabeth Leontine, Secretary

Over the last six months, we have seen our community come together and mobilize in ways that have not been seen in decades, and sincerely hope that continues.

While the Hilltop is one of, if not the safest community in the City of Tacoma, we can not afford to become complacent and allow our neighborhood to backslide. We must remember and honor our history in order to move forward. We still have work to do.

The biggest and best resource we have is each other; our friends, neighbors and community members. Through knowing, looking out for and working with each other, we can keep our community safe and vibrant

We urge everyone to become involved on their block and in their neighborhood. This can mean anything from getting to know and sharing information with your neighbors to becoming a block leader. If you want to see HAC do more, please consider becoming a member of the board of directors. As a volunteer run organization, an active, vibrant and diverse board is vital.

Community meetings are held every 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00 PM in the community room at the new Community Health Care Center located at 1202 Martin Luther King Jr Way. These are not meetings where you sit and listen, but where you have a chance to speak, set the agenda and get the answers, tools and resources you need from local officials and organizations.

Our neighborhood was reclaimed from gangs and violence in the 1980's, block by block, by people just like you who refused to accept what had become the status quo; they personally worked hard and demanded that the City of Tacoma take action.

Hilltop is a true melting pot, built by hard working immigrants from all over the world who were searching for the American Dream. Today it remains one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city.

By working together, we can ensure that our neighborhood is a safe, healthy and diverse place for people from all walks of life to live, work and play.


Brad Killian


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